This is our year for breakthrough; a significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase that removes a barrier to progress! Breakthrough doesn’t automatically happen. We have to do our part and be obedient to God’s Word. When we do our part, We have full confidence that God will do His.

BreakThrough | January 6, 2019BreakThrough | January 13, 2019

Many times we have our life planned out the way we think it should go and we get so focused on doing things our way that we don’t take the time to consider if our plan lines up with God’s plan. Fulfilling His plan should be our goal in life and far outweighs anything we could think or imagine on our own. We should all purpose in our hearts that when God speaks to us we will not sway to the left or to the right, but we will do exactly what He tells us.

Do You See What I See pt1Do You See What I See pt2
Do You See What I See pt3

When things get tough, don't let up, just put your head down and keep your foot on the gas! This series by Pastor Peggy is all about staying on the path that God has for you.

Road Trip pt 1Road Trip pt 2

God brings the dead to life; He is the GOD of miracles! In this series your faith will be boosted to develop an expectation for miracles in your life.

Miracles pt1Miracles pt2
Miracles pt3Miracles pt4

50 Days of Transformation is a study of the transforming power of Jesus Christ, where we look at God's plan to transform us in six key areas of our lives: spiritual health, physical health, mental health, emotional health, relational health, and financial health. We allow God's Word to renew our minds and change the way we think: about God, about ourselves, about our relationships, our finances, our careers — about everything. When we learn to think differently, we will begin to live differently, and as we learn to think God's way, we will begin to live God's way.

Transformation pt1Transformation pt2Transformation pt3
Transformation pt4Transformation pt5Transformation pt6
Transformation pt7Transformation pt8Transformation Wrap-Up
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