All of us at one time or another in our lives have faced giants. The good news is that God has equipped us all to be giant slayers. It doesn’t matter what you’re facing or what it looks like, when you apply the Word of God it has to change. It’s time to stop walking around the giants and accepting them as a part of our life and instead we need to walk in the authority we’ve been given and tell them they have got to go!

Goliath Has Got To Go  | February 24, 2019Goliath Has Got To Go | March 3, 2019
Goliath Has Got To Go | March 10, 2019Goliath Has Got To Go | March 17, 2019
Goliath Has Got To Go | April 7, 2019

Life happens and it happens fast at times. The Word tells us that we’ll have troubles in life, but He doesn’t just leave us there without hope. No matter what comes our way, God is bigger!! It doesn’t matter if we created the mess ourself or it was a result of someone else’s actions, God has an answer. So if you find yourself feeling stuck and like your back is up against a wall, pick yourself up, speak the Word to your situation, remind yourself that God is your very present help in trouble, and know that God will make a way!

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Ever Present Help  | May 5, 2019The Oil | May 12, 2019

Many times we have our life planned out the way we think it should go and we get so focused on doing things our way that we don’t take the time to consider if our plan lines up with God’s plan. Fulfilling His plan should be our goal in life and far outweighs anything we could think or imagine on our own. We should all purpose in our hearts that when God speaks to us we will not sway to the left or to the right, but we will do exactly what He tells us.

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Do You See What I See | December 30, 2018

This is our year for breakthrough; a significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase that removes a barrier to progress! Breakthrough doesn’t automatically happen. We have to do our part and be obedient to God’s Word. When we do our part, We have full confidence that God will do His.

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God brings the dead to life; He is the GOD of miracles! In this series your faith will be boosted to develop an expectation for miracles in your life.

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