We need your help to build a better church. Here at BVC, we’re not just church-goers, we love our church and we want to see it become the best that it can be. This building we’re in is so much more than just a place that we visit sometimes; it’s like a second home, the home where our church family meets twice a week or more to learn, grow, experience God and spend time together. But most importantly, this building is God’s house, too. God is the Head of the church family and He loves it when we come to His house to spend time together with Him.

Now think about this. When you invite company to your home, isn’t that when you become the most aware of all the clutter and little imperfections around the place? How many of us have had that last-minute call where someone wants to come over right when our homes are especially messy? We rush to clean things up and make the place look more presentable and we usually get the place looking “decent” at least right when the doorbell rings. Close call, right? Well, what if we felt the same way about inviting people to church as we did inviting them to our homes? A lot of us do feel that way, which is why we’re moving forward with our Heart for the House project and we know that together, we can turn our church into a home that we can be even more proud of than we are now. Amazing things happen when God’s family comes together; we can fix any leaks, breaks, holes, creaks, roofs, walls, pipes and problems that come our way and make the “church” in “Believer’s Victory Church” better than ever.

When King Solomon told King Hiram of Tyre about the temple he was building for God, he had this to say: “This must be a magnificent Temple because our God is greater than all other gods.” (2 Chronicles 2:5 NLT) Solomon knew how important it is for God’s house to be something great. We can say a lot of nice things about our church, but how many people would use the word “magnificent” to describe it? Let’s follow Solomon’s example and build a magnificent temple for God to live in, the kind of place that people will be genuinely impressed with, like how the queen of Sheba was amazed when she visited and saw everything that Solomon had accomplished (2 Chronicles 9:3-4). We’re not asking anyone to empty their pockets; we know that we’ll have more than enough if everyone would give what they can to help us build the house. That’s what Heart for the House is all about; not a few people giving a lot, but rather all of us giving what we can to turn our church into a magnificent temple.

Heart for the House is something that we have had on our hearts for quite a while. Now we believe that God is telling us to move forward and fulfill His vision for Believer’s Victory Church! Our hearts are for God’s house and we want only the best for our church and our church family. We hope that you’ll share the vision that God has given us and help make this house-- our house-- the best that it can possibly be!

- Pastors Scott and Peggy Heald